Complete product capacity



Surface Treatment

Plastic Injection

Heat treatment

Product development and design capabilities

Concept visualization is the main task of the designer, while customization details such as product application method, product use, appearance and model are planned and executed. The company provides customers with product prototype or model.

Surface treatment manufacturing capacity

Mold design and development in the factory to ensure high security, lower cost, and guaranteed intellectual property right for customers

Professional testing capabilities

All products undergo rigorous testing requirements at every stage to ensure compliance with international or specific standards

Production Process

Quality certification

In 1993, the company obtained ISO 9001 certification, while its products were VPA-GS certified. It implemented standardized operations, and reduced cognitive differences and knowledge transfer tools. In addition to enhancing management capabilities, the company stabilized quality through standardization.

In order to ensure product quality and advanced analysis, the company has invested in a complete laboratory equipment and facility. All products undergo testing and adhere to standards and specifications of top manufacturers.